About Us:

About FinoBay:

Hi there! Welcome to our Site: FinoBay.com

Founded in 2022

FinoBay is a site where you will find information related to the finance sector. This site all about financial Education, Latest News and Bussiness news.

FinoBay is here to help all those people who do not have any kind of knowledge about finance. It will help you by providing all the finance-related information you need to know through one blog post.

Important information

Everything I mention on my site is just for informational purposes and not for a financial advisor because I am not an advisor, I am just a guy who is learning about this sector and the main thing is about money. Money is very important for all of us so please don’t spend your money on the advice of any person & also including me. It’s up to you, you can decide whether you have to implement it or not.

About Me:

My name is “Ankush Prasad” and I am 20-year-old. I am a student of IGNOU college where I am completing a course of BCA(Bachelor in Computer Applications) and right now I am in the final semester.

Name: Ankush Prasad

My hobby: I like to learn something new every day via books and via the internet. I love to write blogs on Computers, Finances, and Tech.

I have also one another blog where i publish the computer related articles must check out:

My another Site: ComputerStudyPoint.com

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