Top 10 High Income Finance Jobs in India for 2024

Portfolio Manager 

Portfolio managers manage investment portfolios for people, institutions, or funds, deciding on investment strategies to maximize returns. Their pay can be high, especially for those in charge of large funds.

Investment Banker 

Investment bankers are responsible for managing complex financial transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings (IPOs), and capital raising. Their profits may include significant bonuses.

Hedge Fund Manager 

Hedge fund managers choose which investments to make for their funds, and since their pay is sometimes based on how well the fund performs, they stand to make a sizable profit.

Real Estate Investment Manager 

Real estate investment managers earn lucrative compensation for making investment decisions regarding real estate assets such as commercial properties and development initiatives.

Derivatives Trader 

Traders in derivatives buy and sell financial products like options and futures to make money off of changes in the market. Traders who do well can make big gains and bonuses.


The chief financial officer (CFO) controls all financial activities, strategies, and plans for a corporation. They receive a high salary because of the strategic financial role they play.

Corporate Controller

Corporate controllers are responsible for overseeing compliance, accounting, and financial reporting inside a business. Their work is essential for appropriate financial reporting, which may result in alluring payoffs.

Private Equity Associate 

Private equity associates analyze investment opportunities, conduct due diligence, and manage portfolio companies. They often earn significant compensation through a combination of salary and performance-based bonuses.

Quantitative Analyst (Quant) 

Quants build trading strategies and risk management procedures using mathematical and statistical models. Their knowledge is highly regarded in the finance industry, resulting in competitive pay.

Risk Manager 

Financial risks are evaluated and mitigated by risk managers inside a business. Their knowledge is essential in managing possible losses, and they can command substantial wages, particularly in companies where risk is a major concern.

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