9 Best yogasan to improve diabetes 

In Halasana, you lie on your back and lift your legs until they touch the floor behind you. The pancreas, liver, and kidneys are all stimulated by this pose, which may help the body make more insulin and use it more efficiently.


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In Dhanurasana, the body forms an arch with the abdomen and chest lifted above the ground. This asana strengthens the muscles of the abdomen and may stimulate the pancreas, which helps in diabetes management.


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In Bhujangasana, you keep your lower body on the floor and arch your back. This pose can stretch the stomach and may help people with diabetes by boosting the digestive system.


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Vrikshasana is also known as "Tree Pose" that improves stability and focus. Although balancing poses may not directly treat diabetes, they can improve general health and lower stress levels.


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This is a resting pose that encourages relaxation, and it is called Child's Pose. During the transitions between more energetic postures, it can be used to facilitate a brief period of healing and stress reduction.


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In this Paschimottanasana, the spine is stretched forward, the hamstrings are stretched, and the abdominal organs are stimulated. If you do it regularly, it might help your stomach and make you feel calmer.


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When you lie on your back in Bridge Pose, lift your hips up toward the sky. This asana helps stretch the spine, which may help digestion and lower stress, both of which can have an effect on diabetes.

Setu Bandhasana 

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