7 things to avoid while studying for exams 

Keep distractions while you study. To stay on mission, turn off your phone and your computer notifications


Studying is a personal process for each individual. Do your best not to worry and stress yourself out by constantly comparing yourself to other people.

Comparing yourself to others 

Taking care of your body and mind is important. Meditation, exercise, and other relaxation methods can help you deal with stress and concentrate better.

Neglecting self-care 

A healthy diet promotes improved mental performance. To improve your brain, avoid extra caffeine and junk food and eat a well-balanced diet.

Poor nutrition 

Memory and other thinking skills might suffer from little sleep. Make sure you get enough sleep, particularly before and during test times.

Lack of sleep 

Maintain an organized study space. Notes, textbooks etc and many other which is related to study

Lack of organization 

If you study for long amounts of time without taking breaks, you might get tired and less productive. Take short breaks to clear your mind.

Lack of breaks 

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