13 things To Ask Your partner Before Marriage 

Talk about your life goals and match things. To identify contrasts and similarities, discuss your values.

Life Goals 

Talk openly about your spending and saving habits, such as how you make a budget. Make financial goals that you both want to reach and plan how you will handle your money together.

Financial Compatibility 

Talk about your feelings about having kids, including how many you want and when you'd like to have them. Talk about parenting styles and roles to make sure that your approach to family life fits well with each other.

Family Planning 

Tell each other about your job goals and talk about how they fit with each other. Think about how you can help each other advance in your careers and deal with possible job changes.

Career and Ambitions 

Discuss your conflict resolution techniques. Find productive ways to resolve conflicts and compromise on potential issues.

Conflict Resolution 

Get to know each other's faiths and cultures. Talk about how you will respect and value one another's cultural and religious backgrounds and address any possible disagreements.

Cultural and Religious Beliefs 

Make sure everyone knows how much privacy and freedom they need. Find a balance between your own hobbies and things you do together as a couple.

Personal Space and Independence 

Discuss your views on wellbeing and health. Talk about how you'll support one another's physical and emotional health as well as any particular health issues.

Health and Wellness 

Think about how you and your partner will interact with friends and relatives in your new social circle. To promote mutual understanding, it is important to set limits and expectations for social interactions.

Social Life 

Discuss previous relationships freely, sharing lessons learned and addressing any unresolved issues. Being open about your love past will help you build trust.

Previous Relationships 

Discuss your likes and dislikes for certain tasks at home and lay out a plan for how you will divide up the work. Make a strategy to keep your home life organized and balanced.

Household Responsibilities 

Talk about your long-term goals, like retirement and possible moves, and share your hopes for the future. Making sure that both people in the relationship agree on where it's going is important.

Long-Term Plans 

Set clear goals for each other's jobs and responsibilities in the marriage. Talk about what makes a marriage successful, and make sure that both people know what their jobs are.

Expectations in Marriage 

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