10 Must have finance skills to put on your resume

Portfolio Management 

knowledge of maximizing asset allocation, tracking performance, and managing investment portfolios.

Corporate Finance 

Having an understanding of how a company makes financial decisions, including capital budgeting, cost of capital, and dividend policies.

Financial Modeling 

Building complex financial models to estimate business performance, values, and investment situations requires expertise.

Investment Analysis

Having a ability to evaluate investment prospects, carry out due diligence, and make wise investment judgments.

Communication Skills 

Complex financial ideas need to be explained well to both technical and non-technical parties. That's why communication skills is required in this sector.

Financial Reporting 

Knowledge of accounting principles and the ability to prepare accurate and compliant financial reports.

Economic Analysis 

Economic analysis is the systematic study and interpretation of economic data, trends, and determinants to learn more about how economies, markets, and particular firms operate.

Presentation Skills 

Ability to create and deliver compelling presentations to communicate financial insights and recommendations. 

Data Analysis 

Proficiency in using tools like Excel, SQL, or data visualization software to analyze and interpret large datasets for financial insights.

Financial Analysis 

Ability to examine financial statements, interpret patterns, and make sound financial suggestions.

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